About Our Business

We are a locally-owned business that specializes in contract collection and escrow for seller-financed real estate sales transactions, more commonly known as land contracts or contracts for deed. Periodically we will function as Escrow Agent for settlements, bankruptcy and estates.

President & 
Escrow Agent

Michelle Fogelson

Michelle is the owner and operator  of Hutchinson Escrow Services, Inc. See our History page for her story.

Pet Friendly Office

Feel free to bring your furry friends. You may even catch one of ours hanging out here as well! You'll meet the following: 


Elle is a six month old Standard Rat Terrier puppy and loves some attention and affection!


Snitch is a three month old Border Collie puppy! He's our newest member of the family and will always welcome some pets!


Jude is a four year old German Shorthaired Pointer, who just loves life!

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